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BBCNews.com, Ventura County Star take top honors

BBCNews.com in the United Kingdom and VenturaCountyStar.com in California win awards for General Excellence in the fifth annual Online Journalism Awards. Read the full article

'Super panel' looks back at 2004 election

Panelists agree the Internet got people involved but differ on whether involvement translated into real change. Read the full article

Arianna Huffington makes a point. (Beth Welsh photo)

AP chief Curley: 'The franchise is the content'

CEO Tom Curley, in the opening keynote, says old content containers — print, broadcast, online — no longer apply in 'Web 2.0.' Read the full article
Wonkette: 'We had to publish exit polls in order to kill them'

Blogger Ana Marie Cox says she posted misleading numbers without worrying about their accuracy. Read article and watch video of the full speech

  • December 06, 2004

2004 ONA conference on CD
Online News Association members can to purchase a CD-ROM that includes audio recordings of 2004 ONA conference events and panels, as well as PowerPoint presentations and handouts.

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The CD is available for $199. You can also purchase tapes of individual panels for $12 each. Click here to purchase the CD or tapes.

  • November 14, 2004

Teams take a stab at attracting young audiences
Turning the table on the traditional conference approach, ONA asks participants to put their expertise and creative approach to work in the problem-solving "Master of the Web Universe" competition. Read the full article

Discussion tackles Web video production
Panelists agree that online video creates a better user experience and helps bring stories alive to the online audience. Read the full article

Career advice: Passion is the key
Professionals stress that students interested in online journalism careers should focus on journalism skills more than technical abilities. Read the full article

Managers discuss moving beyond shovelware
Panelists explain how their sites are breaking out of the once-a-day publish cycle. Read the full article

Online reporters still struggle for equal access
Many complaints, a few success stories, and a number of suggestions fill out a discussion on the challenges online journalists face in getting access to news events. Read the full article

Automation offers news sites opportunities
Really Simple Syndication, an automation tool that drives traffic to news sites, will continue to change the way people view news, panelists say. Read the full article

Reader participation strengthens journalism, panelists say
As online news evolves, the public is witnessing a shift in the balance of power between providers and consumers. Read the full article

  • November 13, 2004

Discussion on credibility centers on corrections policies
Industry leaders discuss issues affecting new media ethics and offer suggestions on dealing with gray areas in editorial decision making. Read the full article

Educators' dilemma: How to train a new media journalist?
Are online journalism educators "preparing students for a world that doesn't even exist?" asks Nora Paul, director of the Institute for New Media at the University of Minnesota. Read the full article

  • November 12, 2004

Know your audience to sell your audience
Experts explain how news sites have acted on their data to grow audience and, in turn, advertising revenue. Read the full article

Study looks at news sites through viewers' eyes
Text may play a more important role than graphics in attracting eyeballs to news sites, according to results of a study on viewer behavior presented in an ONA panel discussion. Read the full article

ONA conference in the news
Fifth Annual Conference
and Awards Banquet

November 12-13, 2004
Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
Photo gallery

Images from the conference

Participants' blog
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Conference follow-up report on OJR
From Bruce Koon, Knight Ridder Digital (11/22 4:17 PM)

A few suggestions for next year's conference
From Eddie Medina (11/19 1:53 PM)

Exit polls, bloggers, news media
From Barbara Iverson, Columbia College Chicago (11/18 8:00 AM)

Blogosphere is the only real Independent Media
From Nico Haupt, GlobalFreePress (11/16 9:16 AM)

media is transfering with web
From Carl (11/15 11:35 PM)

Blogging for business
From Monte Enbysk (11/15 11:07 PM)

Real time blogging
From Barb Iverson (11/15 2:46 PM)

Some thoughts about the "masters" challenge
From Steve Yelvington (11/15 12:48 PM)

Blogs & Rumors
From Jeanne Leblanc (11/15 7:21 AM)

journalism.nyu.edu/ pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/
From Jay Rosen (11/14 7:48 AM)

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ONA reflections
Ypulse — Nov. 15, 2004

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Scripting News — Nov. 13, 2004

How Do You Blog Ideas into Events? PressThink Tries to Find Out
PressThink — Nov. 13, 2004

ONA, Part I
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AP Pres: Internet future of news
MegaPundit — Nov. 12, 2004

ONA '04: AP's Tom Curley Talks Fundamentals
PaidContent.org — Nov. 12, 2004

Online Journalism Educators Share Ideas, Concerns
E-Media Tidbits — Nov. 12, 2004

Curley: It's Not Just Another Medium
E-Media Tidbits — Nov. 12, 2004

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