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NYtimes.com snags three ONA awards

NYTimes.com, SpokesmanReview.com and NewWest.net took general excellence awards at the organization's sixth annual celebration of the best in online journalism. Interactive feature: Best of the Best highlights some of the contest finalists and their work. Read the full article

Close: Online media can foster community

Mainstream media have lost their heart and ability to connect the community, said veteran ethnic media advocate Sandy Close. Listen: Sandy Close on news and community
interacting with youth
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Close delivers a keynote speech. (Photo by Dean Zulich)

Back to the future: Look ahead
gets bogged down by bashing

Try as he might, Jeff Jarvis couldn�t quite keep what he called the �dinosaur-bashing� and the �blogger-bashing� from rearing their respectively ugly heads at �Journalism 2010: Who�s leading the way?� Read the full article
Online took center stage in coverage of Katrina disaster

As Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Gulf Coast, print and television operations turned to their Web sites to cover the disaster. Audio slideshow | Q&A: How has Katrina affected online journalism? Read the full article

  • November 18, 2005

Photo gallery
See photos from the conference

  • November 04, 2005

ONA today and tomorrow
ONA President Ruth Gersh on how far the organization has come
ONA President-elect Michael Silberman on what�s in store for the future
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  • November 01, 2005

Student Newsroom thanks mentors and volunteers
The ONA 2005 Student Newsroom thanks its mentors and volunteers for their contributions to this year's project. Read the full article

  • October 31, 2005

New tools, new opportunities
"The whole culture is changing. People now have egos. It�s all about my, my, my,� said Rex Sorgatz, Interactive Director of IBS, at a discussion Friday titled �What�s New in New Media?" Want to create your own podcast? Listen as Jess Barron of Yahoo! tells us how. Read the full article

  • October 30, 2005

Exploring new territory in visual storytelling
Tools like 360-degree panoramic timelines are taking online journalists and their audiences places that others have not gone before. Visual storytellers at a Saturday session told conference attendees how it's done. Read the full article

  • October 29, 2005

ONA membership doubles, convention is largest ever
Tne Online News Association has seen a rise in membership and registration at its annual conference. Listen: ONA's incoming president, Michael Silberman, speaks to the value of ONA membership Read the full article

�Participatory journalism' making news, breaking barriers
Participatory journalism is here to stay, is the consensus among online journalism experts who spoke on a panel on grassroots journalism at the Online New Association conference in New York on Saturday. Read the full article

Q&A: What will journalism be like in 10 years?
Read the full article

ONA going up in lights
If seeing your face on a Times Square jumbotron has been your dream, Reuters can make it come true. Read the full article

Close: Online media can
foster community

Mainstream media have lost their heart and ability to connect the community, said veteran ethnic media advocate Sandy Close whose speech received a standing ovation at the Online News Association Conference. Read the full article

Lawyers grapple with sticky blog issues
Are online news sites liable for content posted by site visitors? A panel of media lawyers Friday turned to the Communications Decency Act for an answer. Read the full article

ONA announces new board members
The Online News Association announced the eight board members who will take their posts on Jan. 1. Read the full article

International sites seek to innovate with richer media
While American media Web sites are starting to take full advantage of broadband, producing dazzling, award-winning rich media projects, Internet journalists around the world are hot on their heels. Read the full article

Session offers tips on bridging gulf between online, offline
If offline newsroom staffs were Muppets they would be Kermit because they are green with envy, claims Forbes.com editor Paul Maidment. Read the full article

Tips for working with the print side
It starts at the top. Top management must believe in print/online integration with head and heart — and show it. Read the full article

  • October 28, 2005

Q&A: How has Katrina affected online journalism?
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Experts foresee tough road ahead for analytics and print
Newspapers cannot pin their hopes on Web analytics to secure the future of their business, online experts said today. Read the full article

Meet the student newsroom staff
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Sites pump up offerings to hook younger audience
MSNBC.com is building splashier presentations. The Financial Times� Web site posts stories that appeal to business students. Forbes.com targets young entrepreneurs. Read the full article

Panel: Blog with a purpose
Knowing why you want to blog and what you expect to get out of it are key questions to answer before asking your newsroom to blog, experts said at a panel discussion. Read the full article

Schools struggle to keep pace with cutting edge
With new technology emerging every day, universities and journalism schools around the world are racing to keep up with the demands of digital media. Watch: Michael Silberman, ONA's incoming president, on ONA education initiatives Read the full article

Sulzberger: Journalism still matters
Keynote speaker Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman and publisher of the New York Times, shared his vision for the growing demands of digital media in the 21st century, emphasizing the need for a renewed focus on journalistic values. Read the full article

Get connected at ONA, beyond
Wondering where to log on in New York this week? Wireless access is readily available for ONA conference-goers in and around the Hilton New York hotel. (By Stacy Gimbel) Read the full article

Welcome to New York!
Welcome to the 2005 Online News Association conference and awards banquet. A team of student journalists from around the country will post live conference coverage. Read the full article

Art and tech in the Big Apple
"Broken Mirror," "Wonderween," and "The Palace at 4am" may not be the first things that come to mind when you�re thinking of the Big Apple�s tourist attractions, but New York is home to a vibrant scene that mixes technology and art. Read the full article

  • October 23, 2005

Podcast tour of New York's media landscape
ONA's conference committee is proud to provide conference attendees with a podcast tour of New York's media landscape. Read the full article

Membership activity meetings at ONA conference
ONA's membership committee has organized a series of informal discussions at the ONA conference in New York City to give members the opportunity to brainstorm what activities ONA should be involved in and to help members learn how they can get more involved with ONA. Read the full article

  • August 21, 2005

2005 ONA Conference Agenda
Here is the agenda for the 2005 Online News Association Conference in New York. Read the full article

Sixth Annual Conference
and Awards Banquet

October 28-29, 2005
Hilton New York
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