ONA 2005: Q&A: What will journalism be like in 10 years?
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Posted: October 29, 2005 04:05 PM
Q&A: What will journalism be like in 10 years?

Compiled by Christen DeProto

"I've been in the online world for nine years and the level of cooperation between the print world and online world has grown exponentially. It's hard to envision where we will be technologically in 10 years. It's definitely in our best interest for our focus to be on the We"
— Steve Fox, senior news editor, washingtonpost.com

"I think that in 10 years you are not going to see journalists behind desks. They will be off running around the world finding great stories that you don't see these days."
— Naka Nathaniel, nyimes.com

"It's clear that the geography of print journalism is shrinking. The Web will allow us to be smarter about content because it is making it easier to customize content to different readers. The Web will solve distribution issues."
— Matthew Rothenberg, Ziff Davis

"Journalism will be very different in 10 years because news is becoming a commodity and this makes it necessary for publications to differentiate in new ways. Thus far I do not believe we have seen where this is taking us."
— Arne Krumsvik, Oslo University College, Research Fellow

"I think that the principles of journalism will stay the same, but distribution will change."
— Sophie Brendel, Reuters

"I think it will depend more on driven individual reporters. The Web is fragmenting the larger journalism structure that has shaped how it has been in the past. Also there will be more variety of different points of view."
— David Ritsher, Frontline World PBS

"It will change the way different publications interact with one another, they will become more open to sharing resources."
— Josh Cohen, Reuters

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