ONA 2008 Conference and Awards Banquet

Newest Online Journalism Award category won by ELPAIS.com and Soitu.es

(WASHINGTON, D.C. Sept. 13) -- ELPAIS.com and Soitu.es, both based in Spain, won the inaugural General Excellence awards for non-English language sites in the 2008 Online Journalism Awards. The Oregonian took the honors for Online Video Presentation in the other new category in the ninth annual Online Journalism Awards. WashingtonPost.com won the third year of the Knight Public Service prize. Read More

About the Student Newsroom

College students worked hard to cover this year's ONA conference. Learn more about the online journalists of the future. Read More
Scoble scrutinizes the future of web TV

Keynote speaker Robert Scoble is not only a prominent blogger with his blog Scobleizer, but also managing director of Fast Company TV, a business video network. After Saturday morning's speech, Scoble fielded questions from the student newsroom about video on the web. Read More

  • September 13, 2008

The Legal Side Of Online Journalism
User-generated content has become commonplace for most websites, while online forums and comment pages permeate the Internet. Read More

Is speed killing ethics?
In the 24/7 Web news cycle, speed is often the first priority in getting a story out. Speed has always been an issue in journalism but now, because of the Web, it has become an even more pressing issue. Is the standard of "it's better to be second and right than first and wrong" becoming a mantra of the past? Read More

To Facebook Or Not To Facebook, That Is The Question...
When it comes to journalists and how to use social networking sites, there are no rules . . . yet. Read More

Conference Goers Buzz About Blogs
It seems like everywhere you navigate on the Internet you land on someone's blog. They have become so trendy that even some celebrities have jumped into the blogosphere like Kanye West and Taylor Swift to name a few. Read More

News Organizations See Value In Niche Audiences
With tens of millions of existing blogs and more created each day, journalists and non-journalists alike are able to reach previously untapped audiences. Read More

New Technology Advances Make Spain A Media Powerhouse
Content that will drive the audience is the force that pushes Spanish journalists to deliver successful material online, on television and on the radio. Read More

Attendees Go Mobile At ONA
The use of mobile devices has been evident at this year's Online News Association conference. Read More

Amy Webb Gets Technical
Principal Consultant for Webbmedia Group Amy Webb speaks about the most recent tech trends and how they can be beneficial for journalists. Read More

Who Will Walk Away With ONA Awards Tonight? Hubdub Lets You Guess
The future looks bright ahead for social forecasting Web site Hubdub. Since its launch in early 2008, the UK-based Hubdub allows users to predict future news stories and events -- even tonight's annual Online News Association Awards. Read More

Session Delves Into Multimedia Skills As Revenue Generator
Online journalists can't afford to just be reporters. They've got to be entrepreneurs, too. Jesse Thomas, a guest panelist at the 2008 Online News Association Conference, is a perfect example. Read More

Conference Attendees Explore Generational Gap
It seems every media company is trying to have the most technologically converged newsroom. Many jobs are being cut but also being created. Read More

Student Reporters Reflect On Team Blogging
This year the ONA student newsroom experimented with live blogging using the online software CoverItLive. The following are Lim's reflections on the experience. Read More

Super Panel Live Blogged
Keep track of today's Super Panel with the Student Newsroom live blog. Read More

Analyzing The Merge Of Web Journalism And Graphic Design
Web sites are striving to catch up with the latest trends in Web and graphic design. Their designers are leading the way in shifting trends in both online and print media. Read More

Ethics 2.0: Live Blogged On Wiki
Wiki Blogging: The "Ethics 2.0: New Ethics In Age Of New Media?" session was live blogged on the Online Ethics Wiki. Read More

Online Video: Fireside Chat
Live Blog Replay: "Online Video: Fireside Chat," a panel discussing the future of the medium. Read More

Find Out How to Make Crime Pay
Live Blog Replay: "Making Crime Pay," a panel explaining how to compile crime data and map it. Read More

Companies Explore Ways To Boost Online Revenue
It's hard to ignore the drop in advertising revenue for newspapers across the country. That's why all the attendees and vendors at ONA 2008 want to make more money online. Read More

Conference Panelist Retracts Statement
Leonard Brody, CEO & Co-Founder of www.nowpublic.com, rescinds a statement he made during yesterday's session. Read More

MSNBC.com Develops Bridge Inspection Tool
MSNBC.com has introduced a way to allow its visitors to check the conditions of bridges that they cross most frequently and illustrated this feature during an ONA session. Read More

Journalists Tap Into User-generated Content
Just two weeks after their website launched, the Las Vegas Sun had to find a quick way to respond to the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino going up in flames. Slideshow: Examples of user-generated content Read More

Live blog of Scoble's keynote
Robert Scoble gave his keynote address Saturday morning. See the live blog replay. Read More

Attendees discuss media tools
What is the best new tool for disseminating news and storytelling? ONA Conference attendees share their opinions. Read More

  • September 12, 2008

Social Networking and the News
Las Vegas Sun senior programmer Deryck Hodge gave a tutorial on building Facebook applications to a packed audience of journalists Friday afternoon. The following is a Q&A with Hodge about common mistakes people make when integrating news with social networking, and the shared future of the two mediums. Read More

Editors see the benefits of merging newsrooms
The strain of a poor economy has taken its toll on everything - gas prices, the cost of food and even the traditional source of news; the newspaper. Read More

The Sun Was Set On Redesign
Ten years ago, the Las Vegas Sun had an old school Web site. Since the redesign launched in January 2008, the Sun brought its Web site beyond design and beyond the norm. Read More

Motion Design Tips for Web Video
Freelance designers Jody Sugrue and Vincent Diga presented a course at the ONA08 on motion design for web video. Their presentation, "Creating Detailed Runners and Graphics for Web Video," demonstrated techniques for producing professional-quality graphics and title slides in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Read More

Brown urges journalists to filter out the noise
With every sneeze making it to news sites these days, Tina Brown says journalists need to use their creativity to stand out. At Friday's opening of the ninth annual ONA conference, Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, charged her media peers to choose content with an angle that will attract an audience overwhelmed by the growing volume of unfiltered information and recycled stories.

Watch the entire speech: Part I Part II Part III Read More

Web Journalism and College Curriculum
The Student Newsroom will be live blogging the "Integrating Web Journalism into College Curriculum" session. This session will illustrate how to prepare students for the online journalism world. Read More

Devin Wenig: Newspapers aren't going to die
Devin Wenig, CEO of the Markets Division of Thomson Reuters, addressed the ONA attendees during his luncheon keynote speech.

Audio: Wenig talks about the future of online journalism

Replay: View live blog of the event

Slideshow: Images from the speech Read More

Conference reflects evolving ONA membership
ONA08 opened this morning at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. It is the 9th annual conference of the Online News Association. In this presentation, ONA Interim Executive Director Tom Regan reflects on the demographics of this year's attendees. Read More

Want to Create an Interactive Map?
The Student Newsroom will be live blogging the "Make Your Own Interactive Map" session. Read More

ONA 2008 Kicks Off With Newseum Reception
The 2008 Online News Association kicked off its annual conference last night with a reception at the Knight Conference Center. Read More

Live Blog for Devin Wenig's Keynote Speech
More live blogging from the conference - Devin Wenig's keynote speech. Read More

2008 Annual Conference & Awards Banquet
Sept. 11-13
Capital Hilton, Washington, D.C.

Amy Webb, Conference Co-Chair
Tiffany Shackelford, Conference Co-Chair
Tom Regan, Acting Executive Director

Online Journalism Awards

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